Advanced Infiltration Management System

My entry for Ludum Dare 39. Made in 48 hours using Unity, Blender, Cubase, and bfxr.

AIMS Gameplay

A score attack FPS about defending the Pentagon from power-hungry viruses

In a cyberpunk 1980s, you are a new recruit to the NSA’s Advanced Infiltration Management System (AIMS) program, which develops and operates a manual firewall. The Pentagon owns a valuable plot of cyber-space; the network situated there is constantly under siege from malicious (probably communist) actors. Recent political events require the Pentagon to direct all of the network’s power externally, leaving no resources for self-defense, and only enough power for one sentient agent to use the network. Your job is to patrol the network for viruses, keep them from stealing resources, and ensure it never runs out of power.

How to play:

  • Shoot anything that moves; if it moves, it’s a virus
  • Defend the servers from virus attacks
  • Any time a virus spawns, the network loses some power
  • If a server goes down, you lose a lot of power
  • Servers recover health if they haven’t been attacked for a bit
  • If you protect a dead server long enough that it recovers all health, you regain the power it cost you
  • Keep the network up as long as possible

Check out the source here and click here to play.